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Dangerous Church Part 2


							 Dangerous Church Part 2

What qualifies a church as dangerous?  Having served as a pastor/teacher for more than 30 years I have attended some dangerous churches, pastored a couple, preached and taught in a few, and heard about many others.  But the dangerous churches just mentioned didn't intimidate the kingdom of darkness – they were a threat to the kingdom of light!  These churches were dangerous because of their internal strife and judgmental spirit.  In this sermon series DANGEROUS CHURCH we will explore one particular quality that a church must possess if is to threaten the kingdom of darkness.  That quality is LEADERSHIP.  Of course there are other essential qualities of a Dangerous Church, like prayer, discipleship, biblical knowledge, evangelism, and many others we could list.  But in these messages we will address one particular quality of a DANGEROUS CHURCH - effective spiritual LEADERSHIP.  Join us in one of our four weekend services as we investigate the distinctive and life-changing leadership style of Jesus Himself.



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