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Toxic Part 4


							 Toxic Part 4
Do you have a dream for your life? What grand life vision has God put in your heart for yourself and for those you love? As a Christian father or mother, what great hope do you possess for your children? When you pray about your future, your marriage, the future of your family, the future of your church, what do you request of God? No doubt, your hopes and dreams are lofty. They should be – God gave them to you!

Whether or not you reach your God-given destiny will be greatly influenced by your attitude. A toxic attitude – YOUR toxic attitude – can sabotage God's plan for your life. A toxic attitude is contagious, so when we are weak in our walk with God, the toxic attitudes of others can poison our mind.

In this series, Pastor Ferrell will list toxic attitudes that have destroyed people, careers, relationships, families, and churches. Throughout the series he will also discuss God's antidotes for these poisons and how you and those you love can be FREE and HEALED!



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